What differentiates the individual models?

All BikeBeat wheels are always based on the same rim and differ only in the hubs, spokes or the look.


Überflieger Lite (Disc) / Überflieger (Disc)

The two entry-level models in the Überflieger series come in a more subtie look. The rim is identical to the Pro and Prototype version, but the rim is darkened with two layers of dark clear cleacoat. Visually, the carbon shimmers only slightly through the clear coat and offers a rather simple look.

Überflieger Pro (Disc) / Überflieger Prototyp (Disc)

Puristic and raw, more carbon is not possible! The rim shows the complete carbon splendor and reveals our patented winding of the fibers. With this version of the rim, you should rather plan a little more time for each ride, conversations are preprogrammed with these wheels.