In the event of an accident or damage to your wheelset/ wheel, regardless of whether you are self-damaged or third-party damaged, we offer you a new wheelset/wheel at special rates. BikeBeat & Sports GmbH grants a special discount of 30% on the official list price for the same or an equivalent spare wheel.

Our key facts about using our crash replacements:

  • The offer is only valid for the first owner for four years from the date of purchase
  • The crash replacement must be requested in advance via the contact form below
  • In the event of damage, the wheelset/ wheel must be returned to the specialist dealer [when purchasing from the specialist dealer, proof of purchase receipt] or directly to BikeBeat & Sports GmbH [when purchasing via the online shop, proof of purchase receipt].
    The copy of the proof of purchase and a damage report must be enclosed.
  • The replacement is only for the same model. BikeBeat & Sports GmbH reserves the right to replace the damaged item with an equivalent alternative item.
  • The damage must affect the functional capability (optical damage / defects are excluded).
  • There is no legal claim, the damaged wheel becomes the property of BikeBeat & Sports GmbH.
  • BikeBeat & Sports GmbH will not be able to pay for conversion costs and freight or customs fees.
  • When returning the tires, cassette and brake discs must be removed
  • Crash Replacement does not replace the warranty provisions of individual countries
  • Our crash replacement is based on BikeBeat & Sports GmbH standard products