BikeBeat Carbon wheel sets – Rim brake

Here you will find our models for rim brakes. Each of our carbon wheel sets is developed and manufactured in Germany. Our innovative manufacturing process provides top aerodynamics, low weight, and high agility. Discover your new wheel set from BikeBeat now!

ÜBERFLIEGER 45mm Caliper

Our ÜBERFLIEGER wheel set makes every road bike a highlight. Based on an Airbus patent for space travel, we have further developed the process of machine braiding to use it in cycling. Our unidirectional braiding creates a unique, non-copyable design. No heavy paint, no necessary “beautifications” are applied to this wheel set. Pure and unique! The result after years of development is a very lightweight 45mm Clincher wheel set with outstanding value for money.

TIEFFLIEGER 62mm Caliper

The TIEFFLIEGER wheel set makes every road bike a highlight. The rim height of 62mm provides an aggressive and dominant look. But not only in terms of looks, the Lowrider shines once it’s on the road, pushing you over the streets. For those who primarily travel on flat terrain with few hills, this is a clear recommendation to purchase.