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  • The BIKBEBEAT RACING TEAM is a racing team for licensed cyclists of the RSC Komet Ludwigsburg. It forms as an elite racing community, is open to ambitious competitive athletes of other clubs and currently recruits its drivers from the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The team was founded in 2011 and completed a name change in 2019 by the new main sponsor Bikebeat. Currently, the team consists of 11 riders who compete in the elite and amateur class races. All BIKEBEATERS engage in passionate sports and manage between 20 and 40 races and train an average of around 15,000 km per season. The team regularly records victories, podium finishes and placings. Through the cooperation with BIKEBEAT, the racing team has further professionalized. "With the BIKEBEAT wheels, we have first-class material, which means that we are in no way inferior to the very big teams in the peloton in terms of lightness, stiffness and aerodynamics," says Martina Jäger, who manages the sporting skills of the BIKEBEAT RACING TEAM.

    More information: https://www.bikebeat-racingteam.com

    BikeBeat Racing Team

    Founded in 2019
    RSC Komet Ludwigsburg

  • 2017: Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling
    2016: Lotto Soudal
    2014-2015: Liv-Shimano / Liv-Plantur
    2013: Team Tibco
    2012: Green Edge
    2011: Diadora Pasta Zara
    2009-2010: Cérvelo Test Team
    2006-2008: Equipe Nürnberger
    2005: Team ELK-Haus Tirol Nö
    2004: Team Stuttgart
    2002-2003: Team Mapei Bayern
    National team since 2001

    Cycling and University:
    Since 2016 I am Bacherlor of Science of Medical Engineering. After my long and hard study next to my professional career at the TU Munich, I am happy about this degree. Often it was not easy to reconcile both interests, but now I can say with certainty that it was and is possible. I would like to encourage all those who are reluctant to start studying next to their sports career. It just feels better when you know what opportunities you have after your sporting career!

    Cycling and school:
    In 2005 I wrote my high school diploma at Gymnasium Geretsried. As a junior driver in the national team, I got along well without a sports school. My friends have been helpful in keeping me connected, even though the extended race weekends have often been exhausting.

    Favorite Food:
    “Zwetschgendatschi”, “Sauerbraten”, chocolate + gummy, grilled octopus, apple strudel, steak ... yummy ...

    Claudia Lichtenberg

    Professional cyclist since 2005
    Bachelor of Science Medical Engineering
    Date of birth 17. 11. 1985

  • medical history
    12.07.2010: cardiac arrest at home on the sofa
    In 2011 rehab and 10 hospital stays
    28.12.11 to 11.07.12 HDZ Bad Oeynhausen
    28.02.12 Installation of 2 heart pumps
    09.06.12 Heart transplantation
    11.07.12 Discharge after 189 days lying in bed

    Back to life:
    Since 2013 over 70 endurance events
    Running: Transalpine Run (250km & 15000hm), ZUT Supertrail XL (84km & 4500hm), 3 x 42,2km, 2 x Hermannslauf, 9 x 21,1km, 15 x 10km and various trails
    Bike: Cape Epic (690km & 15000hm), BIKE Transalp (545km & 18000hm), Ötztal bike marathon (238km & 5500hm), 4 x cycling races
    Triathlon: 4 x Ironman (including Ironman Hawaii), 8 x Ironman 70.3, world champion in triathlon at the World Transplant Games in Malaga 2017
    Other: ascent of the Grossglockner, ski tours, etc.

    Stay healthy and convince more people of organ donation!

    Elmar Sprink

    Key Account Manager IT industry
    Study of economics
    Date of birth: 26. 12. 1971

  • Triathlon
    2011: German AK Champion Long Distance in Cologne
    2016: 1st place Double Ironman in Emsdetten
    2017: German AK champion middle distance in Immenstadt

    2017: 1st place Mallorca 312
    2017: 1st place 24 Hour Race Rad am Ring (Single)
    2018: 1st place 24 Hour Race Rad am Ring (Single)
    2018: 3rd place GFNY Hameln

    Initially started running in 2001, Marion entered the triathlon in 2006. Here she mostly liked the long edges. Due to health problems she had to restrict running more and more, which ultimately brought her closer to cycling. Marion has been running this business almost exclusively and with great passion for the last few years. She likes things like long climbs and the long haul in general. In Germany we say: “When the diesel runs, then it runs.” For every coach she would be a nightmare - without plan, pulse or Watt values. True to the motto: much helps a lot, nothing comes of nothing and “was wir ham, ham wa! (Bavarian motto)
    Fun in the movement comes first, the rest comes from alone.

    Marion Wittler

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