Our guarantee promise

The predicate “Made in Germany” guarantees the best quality and durability. For this reason, we grant our customers a guarantee that goes beyond the legal requirements. On our BikeBeat wheels you get four years warranty from the date of purchase on material and workmanship.

This warranty is for the first time buyer only and is subject to the following terms:

    • the wheels are used exclusively as part of their intended use
    • our maintenance instructions are complied with
    • you only use the brake pads recommended by us

The following points can lead to the exclusion of the guarantee conditions:

    • Wear or wear by using the wheels

    • unprofessional assembly

    • unprofessional or not performed maintenance or repairs

    • Use of non-approved products

    • Reworking of the wheels

    • Careless treatment of the wheels

    • Transport & accident damage

The statutory warranty claims remain unaffected in all cases!